Most Popular Health-Related Blogs

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Most Popular Health-Related Blogs

Caduceus - medical symbolThere are more and more bloggers every day and to stand out you have to offer solutions like the following blogs offer on a daily basis.

I did some research and read some of the most popular blogs so that I could better understand what makes their blogs successful.

What I discovered was this: With all of the many different topics out there, health-related blogs are the most popular. Here are some of the healthcare categories:

  • Health and Medical
  • Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Health and Fitness (weight loss to mental well being)

Health Blogs

The following categories are filled with blogs that I found when researching for this blog article.

I think you will find these blogs interesting for their content, there are some great ideas and concepts about getting and staying healthy. Also, as an affiliate marketer, I found that these blogs had what it takes to be successful, with excellent content, appealing topics, tons of traffic, the three factors to consider when creating your own website and/or blog.

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1. WebMD is one of the most trusted sources when it comes to all things health related. 2020 numbers show 127 million unique user views and over 229 million page views a month.

2. Harvard Health Publishing features articles provided by Harvard Medical School faculty members. Libraries subscribe to over 120 nursing journals and hundreds of others related to health a medicine.

3. MyFitnessPal provides articles on weight loss and recipes plus strategies for healthy living. The articles are written by experts and community members alike.

4. Mercola Health covers health topics through videos and interviews. Although a number of their blogs were removed because they were accused of providing misinformation on Covid and vaccinations. This is no longer the case.

5. Precision Nutrition features the world’s top experts on health and wellness through nutrition. Blog articles cover social media strategies to meal plans. Over 15 years of nutrition coaching.

6. Psych Central is the go to blog for mental health and personality disorders. Features quizzes and tests on mental health. At nearly 1 million unique monthly visitors, Psych Central provides advice for both men and women. But caters mostly to people in their 20’s and 30’s who are seeking help.

7. Mark’s Daily Apple delivers both articles as well as a forum for questions, answers and comments. Created by Mark Sisson, also features a podcast with interviews of experts and other guests.

Medical Blogs

1. Well is a blog that is published by The New York Times that features articles from exercising to health quizzes. As much a newsletter as a blog, Well is edited by lifestyle and health journalist Lori Leibovich.

2. KevinMD is a very well trusted blog by Kevin Pho MD. Also has a podcast. The blog sees over 3 million monthly views and Dr. Pho also does a 15 minute podcast every single day with occasional 1 hour episodes featuring other experts.

3. WebMD features both patient and expert articles.  The patient area lists topics from ADHD to ulcers. The expert side can be searched by expert directory or by topic.

4. Cedars Sinai is both a blog and a medical magazine. A non profit that services the Los Angeles area and their blog is powered by it’s pioneering research.

5. Kaiser Health blog content covers health care and mental health articles. With monthly feature topics discussed by their experts.

6. Harvard Health Publishing has over 11000 faculty physicians who provide expert opinions and articles. Published by Harvard Medical School.

7. Everyday Health blog articles cover physical, emotional, intellectual and work life topics to name a few. Over 44 million unique user views, 70 million registered community members and a social media audience of over 4.9 million.

Wellness Blogs

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1. MyFintessPal turns up on every list and category for most popular health related blog. Weight loss and diet plans are the kind of topics that this community based blog discusses.

2. Calm is a blog that focuses on meditation and mindfulness. “Take a deep breath.” A massive 3.9 million downloads of their app says something about the need for mental health advice and guidance.

3. Eating Bird Food offers healthy recipes through their blog articles and YouTube videos. Founder and content creator Brittany Mullins is dedicated to offering sound diet plans and strategies for healthy living.

4. Dental Care Club blogs about dental health and even has a Dental Kidz Club. The blog articles stress the effects that dental hygiene has on overall health. From diabetics experiencing issues balancing blood sugar to expecting moms and their babies.

5. Sleep Junkies covers all things sleep from sleep tips to mattresses. A research based blog and community that also has up to date podcasts. Created by self professed “lifelong insomniacs”, their mission is to help you get those zzzzz’s.

6. Art Of Healthy Living is dedicated to helping people live healthy lifestyles through there many blog articles. They deliver news, tips, information and advice on how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

7. Wellness Mama for women and moms has been answering questions about family wellness and sees over 6 million visitors per month. With a mix of recipes, advice and humor, you can find help and entertainment in the same place.

Fitness Blogs

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1. Steve Kamb Nerd Fitness is a fitness instructor turned fitness guru Promoting health, wellness and fitness as writer and publisher of this very popular blog.

2. Breaking Muscle is dedicated to fitness through exercise and nutrition by answering questions and offering tips and workout strategies. Driven by accurate and actionable information to expertly guide you to a fitter self.

3. Born Fitness offers science backed fitness and nutrition advice as well as coaching. Adam Bornstein, as the founder, believes in meeting you where you are to offer practical plans to help you with your struggles as you travel your road to fitness.

4. Love Sweat Fitness  covers topics from nutrition and daily workout routines to exercise equipment. They even feature an app. This is where you will find healthy recipes and tips for a more fit you.

5. MyFintessPal allows users to track and monitor their weight loss goals while also offering support from their online community. You can even submit your own content to be published if selected.

6. Runtastic is an Adidas published blog covering running jogging and nutrition. Also offers an app for tracking weight loss. Runtastic was designed for all levels of joggers or runners to up their performance through tracking and expert advice.

7. The Balanced Life – Robin Long is a Pilates instructor and founder who hosts their podcasts on everything from fitness to nutrition through a balanced lifestyle.

In Conclusion

To choose a top blog would be truly difficult due to the wide range of topics and categories involved. That being said, MyFintessPal, Runtastic and the Nerd Fitness blogs stood out the most.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and have a better understanding of some of the most popular blogs in the healthcare, wellness and fitness categories.  If you would like to read more of my work, please feel free to look around here or visit my Quora space Stephen’s Let’s Discuss Affiliate Marketing.

For an inside look at where I learned how to create my website and content, check out Wealthy Affiliate!

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