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In this article I will answer the Top 5 questions people also asked in Google Search for “Why do people quit blogging?”

There are more bloggers every day and the competition can get pretty intense. We want to stand out so that we can reach and hopefully help more people. But beware because every where you look, up pops a shiny thing to distract and draw your focus. Consistency and quality are not just words to a blogger. These are laws to live by to achieve success.

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The questions that I will be answering are;

• What are the most common mistakes bloggers make?

• Why do people quit blogging?

• What percentage of blogs fail?

• What are the problems faced by bloggers?

• Is there a downside to blogging?

What are the most common mistakes bloggers make?


Realistically speaking, the biggest obstacle that bloggers face is not managing their expectations. If you think that having a blog is an ATM that produces money on demand, well you may find that that is not the case.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging can be a very lucrative and sustainable business. That is if you are willing to put in the work to build the proper foundation. It takes time for your content to mature and gain both authority and ranking. Then is when you will see results. Having said that, here are the 8 biggest mistakes that bloggers make.

1- Not having a well defined and focused strategy. If you don’t have a strategy in place then your efforts will be all over the place and you might find it difficult to gain traction. I’ve read that its the same as trying to chop down a tree by swinging wildly all over the tree. Even if you are swinging with all your might, the tree remains upright.

Focus your swings to one area at a time and… TIMBERRRR!!

2- Choose your hosting platform wisely because if you are always trying to deal with your hosting platform then you are not utilizing that time to create your amazing content. I use WordPress but there are many hosting sites that you can choose from to best suit your personal needs.

3- You will want to define your niche right from the start so that you don’t waste your time running around trying to figure out what you are going to write about.

If your content is all over the place then you will not have a targeted audience or no audience at all.

4- This goes for keeping to topics that are relevant to your niche as well. If you don’t keep to your niche you might as well not have a blog for income at all. People will stay away in droves!

5- SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a bloggers best friend. Misuse it or don’t use it at all at your own peril. For organic traffic there is really no substitute. SEO keeps your content user friendly by including metrics that are aimed at getting your audience the best results.

6- To follow up on the above point, you need to write your content for your audience. A big mistake that people make is creating articles that are what you think are awesome instead of articles that are based on solving your audience’s problems or offering guidance to an informed decision.

7- Consistency is a huge factor for success in many areas of life including building an income through blogging. Your audience will be more likely to return to your blog if you consistently publish new content with brand new solutions. Or even a product/service review.

8- This here is very important. It is the obstacle that had me ready to pack it all in. The one thing that all bloggers who want to make money need to know how to do. You need to have a strategy to promote your helpful and entertaining content. Without eyes on it, it doesn’t really exist.

Avoid these pitfalls and you have a much better chance at success.

Which of these mistakes have you had to correct to get your flow back?

Give your answer in the comment section so we can discuss your personal solution!

Why do people quit blogging?

Don't quit

Some of the reasons that people quit blogging are included in the above question about the biggest mistakes that people make.

I picked out the top 7 reasons why people quit blogging.

There are, of course, many more reasons but these are the ones that I come across the most often. Please use the comment section to list any reasons that you find important.

1• Building a blog to make an income requires a stable and solid foundation. If you fail to build your blog site properly you risk the whole thing crumbling down. Pay attention to site speed and how long it takes for images to load. Include clear navigation between articles and pages. Basic SEO strategies will help.

2• Another reason follows another mistake from the above question. Consistency is one of the keys to blogging success. The more content that you publish, the more help that you can offer. And a helpful blogger is a popular blogger!!

3• Shiny object syndrome can snag the best of bloggers up in its clutches! I mean, who isn’t attracted to the shiny stuff? The problem is that you can’t create YOUR content if you are chasing someone else’s. They promise overnight success and done for you programs. These are great if you already have an established business with targeted traffic. Otherwise they are just bait for pitfalls.

4• If you have poor to no social networking skills, you may find it difficult to get a foot in the door, so to speak. Bloggers can greatly benefit by having peers share content or talk about yours. Engagement is another of the many keys to blogger success and lack thereof might make you quit.

5• The same goes for promoting your solution providing content. I mentioned targeted traffic earlier. You get targeted traffic by clever and consistent promotion. This includes social networking platforms as well as leveraging other marketing strategies like guest posting or press releases through email outreach.

6• Over-saturated niches can cause extensive anxiety issues. There are already so many bloggers to compete with that entering a saturated niche might deal a final blow. How do you stand out? Every where I look i see the same content repeated over and over. If you can’t create new solutions with creative content, there may be a chance that quitting is in your future.

7• A lack of patience can be a huge factor. Blog articles as well as a blog site need time to mature. That maturity is where your authority comes from. No authority equals no audience. No audience equals no income.

What factor almost made you quit? Please answer below in the comment section.

What percentage of blogs fail?


An article that I found on Bloomberg’s blog says that 96%of businesses fail to unlock their data’s full potential. Also, 80%of small businesses, which includes blogging, never make to 18 months.

This tells me that if you can’t track and leverage your analytics, then your blog will have a short life span.

You may see a pattern growing here. The above 2 questions have listed some of the same reasons because these topics are obviously related. They are also extremely important to recognize and remember the pitfalls and obstacles involved.

That being said, this answer will be shorter because I don’t want you to have to read the same thing over and again.

• Failure to create and apply a concrete business strategy.

• Failure to create a viable testing strategy for ads.

• Failure to create an ad budget. Even if you are leverage organic traffic, you will eventually need to invest some money to scale your business.

• Failure to continue learning. Especially with a dynamic, ever evolving business like blogging for income, you should always be learning. You research, you learn. You engage with other bloggers, you learn. You fail and oh yes you learn.

I wrote an earlier article a few months ago on why 96% of bloggers fail.

Do you know someone who tried and failed to launch a blog? What was their reason for failing?

include your answers down below in the comments.

What are the problems faced by bloggers?

Hurdles obstacles

Bloggers start their climb needing a lot of things to be in place and linked together to create blogging income. From tools to social media accounts to SEO skills there are many moving parts.

Add in the competition and having to hone in on a profitable niche, things begin to pile up.

Bloggers face a lot of problems but that does not mean that its not worth the effort. If you can learn to enjoy the process then the problems tend to shrink.

• Not having a focused strategy or business plan.

• Not having enough time set aside for research and content creation.

• bloggers need to have a budget for ads and tools. Without these you can’t scale or grow your business.

• Finding the right social media platforms and how to properly leverage them.

• Where and how to find topics to write about.

• Finding a targeted audience and how to write for them.

• How to find and where to include keywords is one of the most important metrics of SEO. Gotta have em!

• Creating landing pages and email capture techniques are important for growing an audience but it takes work and testing for maximum effect.

• Not knowing how or where to start.

Is there a downside to blogging?

Wrong way

Some people will say that there are many downsides to blogging. Choosing just one can be an herculean effort.

in the above questions I’ve listed obstacles and pitfalls and ways to fail. All downsides. The one that I would choose would be that it takes a great deal of patience.  There are rarely instant results.  In this era of instant gratification, no one wants to wait for anything so waiting for results can drive some people crazy.

Articles need time to mature.

Social media accounts need to grow and it takes time build a reputation for authority.

The same with your audience. Time will grow a targeted audience.

It takes time to learn to research and formulate your content.

Learning is how we all grow and it gives us the ability to help others. Learning definitely takes time.


So there you have it!

The top 5 questions “Why do people quit blogging?” From Google Search’s People Also Asked-Blogging For Income.

It seems that there are a lot of things to be mindful of to make it as a blogger. The plus side is that through all of the failures and pitfalls, comes knowledge and ability. Knowledge to share and the ability to help.

What would you say is the biggest downfall to blogging? What advice would you give a newbie for overcoming the downsides to blogging?

Please leave an answer in the comment section below so we can learn more!

Thanks for listening,


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