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Today I would like to share a few things that I have learned about Wealthy Affiliate.

Encouragement- Wind in your sails

Getting started is as simple as following well laid out steps. The first of which is to make and post what your goals will be going forward.

Immediately followed by an avalanche of encouragement as this Wealthy Affiliate online community first sees your goals and then they post their encouragement as well as wishing for your successes.

This engagement by peers who have already sat where you are sitting, opens a great opportunity to create a powerful network  by following and being followed by others.

Each step that you take on the Starter Membership path to online Entrepreneur Certification offers another opportunity  for encouragement.

As you post your successes,  other Wealthy Affiliate members remember when they were stepping the same stones and they also remember the encouraging words showered upon them and they act in kind!

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can!

-Theodore Roosevelt

Advice- Powerful words

As I mentioned earlier, this Wealthy Affiliate online community have all walked these steps so they have made mistakes and heard of others making mistakes.

This gives them the unique perspective of being in your shoes. Since the program asks that you post your experiences good or bad, offering the opportunity to give advice from their experiences.

From this global community you get advice from all kinds of different perspectives. From other people with the same hardships or successes.

All along the way you can read other members posts and the advice afforded them.

Everyone has their own ideas, culture, beliefs,  motivations but in the end the Wealthy Affiliate community is a family! And family just loves to come together to get the right advice to fit your situation.

Good advice is almost certain to be ignored. But that is no reason not to give it.

– Agatha Christie

Feedback- The breakfast of Champions

When you write or say something that people are going to hear, you want what you are saying or writing to reach out and grab them.

Sometimes that “hook” hides from you or you just don’t know where to start… Community feedback is where you can sound board and get honest opinions or great ideas for a tweak that has eluded you.

Feedback can be like a toolbox full of useful nuggets that come from … well everywhere! You post and you get feedback. You finish a step, boom feedback.

You can even watch as others get feedback that sometimes will fit your situation or you may have some constructive comments or questions.

“Average players want to be left alone. Good players want to be coached. Great players want to be told the truth.”

-Doc Rivers

Support- Many Helping Hands

How perfect is this… I literally needed support from this beautiful Wealthy Affiliate family to type this sentence!

While I was reading over what I have written so far my internet went…out.

I didn’t have a chance to save any of it. As soon as my internet was back up and running I searched for it to no avail.

Then I realized where I was in my writing and decided to take it to the Wealthy Affiliate community for help. Three minutes later I received my first answer and since I am adding to my post as we speak I can scream success!!

And answers as well as helpful hints are still posting.

COMMUNITY-A Foundation for Success

 A solid foundation is critical when building anything.

Building strong requires an unshakable foundation. I defy anyone to attempt to shake this Community. A family dedicated to the betterment of the whole through fellowship and advice. I love these people.

I just want to leave you with this last quote.

A community is like a ship, everyone ought to be able to take the helm.

– Henrik Ibsen

Thank you all for listening and many blessings to you all!


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